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In this blog, I thought I would tell you a bit about the history of reflexology.

Reflexology dates back thousands of years to Egyptian times, with the earliest discovery being a drawing on the wall of Egyptian physician Ankhamor’s tomb. The drawing showed four men working on each other’s feet and hands.

Reflexology was also said to be practiced in India and China and made its way to the Western world thanks to Dr William Fitzgerald’s pioneering work in the early 1900s.


Zone Therapy

Dr Fitzgerald introduced “Zone therapy,” which emphasized the connection between reflex areas on the hands and feet and various organs and areas of the body within the same zone.

Following on from this, Eunice Ingham (‘The Mother of Reflexology’) refined and made reflexology more popular during the 1930s. She believed that congestion or tension in specific areas of the foot reflects similar conditions in corresponding parts of the body. Her work and research shaped the modern understanding and practice of reflexology.


Better Health with Foot Reflexology

Dwight Byers (‘The Footman’) was Eunice Ingham’s nephew. He carried on the work of his Aunt Eunice and continued to research and develop reflexology techniques.  Dwight wrote the book “Better Health with Foot Reflexology” which is my bible!

I take this book everywhere with me and was the one recommended when I studied at The Reflexology Academy in London with Hagar Basis. I love this book and I refer to it often when I’m treating clients.  I’ve had to Sellotape it together as it’s starting to fall apart a bit.

Tony Porter, who is another inspirational reflexologist, met Dwight Byers and was invited to work at the International Institute of Reflexology in Florida.  Tony travelled with Dwight giving international seminars for over 20 years.


Hagar Basis

Hagar Basis whom I trained with, was the Director of the International Institute of Reflexology UK and was the Principal Tutor for Advanced Reflexology Training (ART) which was founded by Tony Porter.

So, my blog about the history of reflexology has turned into a bit of a reflexology family tree for me.

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