About Reflexology?

Reflexology is a science which works on the principle that we have reflexes in our feet, hands, face and ears which correspond to all of our energetic and bodily systems. Specific techniques are applied to reflex points improving blood, lymph and nerve circulation. Reflexology can help release tension, improve sleep and help improve mood and increase our wellbeing.

There may be occasions when you feel some slight pain or discomfort during your treatment when certain reflexes are being worked.  This will generally only last for a short period of time and is nothing to worry about.  A painful reflex isn’t a prime indicator of a disturbance in your body…….. in good health you should feel your reflexes. During a reflexology treatment you may also feel different sensations as energy moves through your body.

The Benefits of Reflexology

A reflexology treatment can bring about a sense of well-being, calm and relaxation, encouraging energy back into your body leaving you feeling more positive and balanced.

To get the best out of reflexology, regular treatments are suggested.

Reflexology Foot Chart

The Treatment

During your first treatment, I will carry out a consultation to find out a bit about you, your general health , well being and lifestyle. This will take around 15 minutes and will be followed by an hours treatment. Your treatment will be individual to you and will take into account physical and non physical factors that may be affecting your well being.
The cost of a treatment is £40.00 per hour.

Circle showing healing benefits of reflexology

Can’t recommend Aileen highly enough. I’ve been having regular reflexology sessions with Aileen and always feel amazing during and after the sessions. I feel so calm and positive from the reflexology and Aileen is so professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I always feel so relaxed and at ease with her. It is great that Aileen offers treatments at home or in the Oak Rooms. I look forward to my sessions and find them such a special experience as Aileen always tailors her treatment to the individual. I feel very lucky that I found such a skilled and kind reflexologist

Hannah Jones