Image of ladies hands together with symbols on fingernails - hand reflexology

I saw a lovely photo recently of The Queen having hand reflexology back in 1997 with reflexologist Claire Brown.  It is such a lovely photo and made me think again about how amazing this therapy is!

Reflexology is so adaptable

One of the reasons I love reflexology is that it is so adaptable and can be carried out on the feet, the hands, the face, and even our ears! 

Although we tend to associate reflexology with our feet, hand reflexology is a great tool when it comes to self-care.  It can also be used in situations where foot reflexology isn’t possible.

I often use hand reflexology when I’m on the in-patient’s unit at the hospice, as it is easy to reach people’s hands and is often a great comfort for someone to have their hand held.

It’s also easy for us to carry out reflexology on our own hands and I often send my clients away with some hand reflexology techniques they can use on themselves to help with things like headaches and stress. 

The theory of hand reflexology is similar to that of the feet – the right hand for the right side of the body and the left hand for the left side of the body.

Self-care hand reflexology techniques 

Here are a few self-care hand reflexology techniques that you can try out:

  • Working your diaphragm – this will help with relaxation as it helps you breathe more deeply. Place your thumb at the start of the diaphragm line and make small (caterpillar type) moves along the line and repeat five times. Click here to see demo

  • Working the solar plexus – this also helps relaxation and stress release. Place your thumb from the opposite hand on the solar plexus point and make around 10 small circles breathing slowly and deeply as you do this. Click here to see demo.

  • Working the adrenal glands – they are responsible for giving us that ‘giddy-up-and-go! To work the adrenal glands, squeeze the base of the V between your thumb and first finger around 10 times. Click here to see demo

  • Working the pituitary gland – this is called the master gland and can help your body rebalance itself. To work this area, place your first finger from the opposite hand in the middle of the pad of your thumb pressing firmly around 10 times. Click here to see demo

This should only take around 10 minutes and you can always finish off by massaging in some nice hand cream!   

If you would like to find out if reflexology can help you, please do get in touch