Sole Connection Reflexology

Offering personalised reflexology treatments for everyone in and around Halstead and Sudbury

Specialising in maternity and reproductive health, cancer support and Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD)

Welcome to Sole Connection Reflexology.  I hope you enjoy exploring my website and reading about the bespoke treatments I can offer.

My name is Aileen and I provide reflexology treatments for everyone in and around Halstead and Sudbury.  I have a particular passion to support those who are having, or have had treatment for cancer, helping them to manage any negative symptoms they may be feeling and to assist relaxation during this difficult time. I can offer you the wonderful benefits of Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) which is an award-winning treatment that stimulates the lymphatic system via the feet, to help with lymphoedema often associated with breast cancer.

I also specialise in reflexology for maternity and reproductive health and it is a real privilege to be able to work with clients during this time. My treatments are designed to support women in the pre-conception stage, during pregnancy and the postnatal period.

If you’d like to talk about any of the treatments I provide or have any general queries, please have a look at my Contact page for details of how to reach me.

I love this quote by Eunice Ingham who is considered to be the “Mother of Reflexology”.  Eunice and her nephew Dwight Byers are said to have made reflexology what it is today and I don’t go far without my ‘Better Health with Foot Reflexology” book written by Dwight…… I consider it my reflexology bible!

If you’re feeling out of kilter,

Don’t know why or what about,

Let your feet reveal the answer,

Find the sore spot and work it out.

Eunice D Ingham

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It’s all about the toes!

It’s all about the toes!

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l would thoroughly recommend Aileen. She is passionate and knowledgeable, she tailored our treatments to specific concerns, explained throughout what she was doing, providing feedback on problem areas.

We will definitely be back, thank you.

Leigh Tenner

My weekly reflexology sessions are great. They set me up for the week ahead. I have osteoarthritis and Aileen adapts the treatment to address the differing aches and pains to target problem areas so that at the end of a session I feel more balanced and coordinated. Aileen is professional, responsive, sympathetic – and very good company. I can’t recommend Sole Reflexology enough

Cindy Leaney