Wooden scrabble tiles laid out in a rectangle spelling "Find Your Fire"

I generally never struggle with January blues or lack of motivation in January as it’s my birthday month so there’s always something to look forward to!

This year, however, I must admit I have struggled more with ideas of what to write for my blog and social media posts.  I’ve been telling myself to just get on with it, but then put it off as my mind just wasn’t focussing on it.

I also have an issue with my ear at the moment which means I can’t swim and I had planned to start training for my Conniston swim in June which I’ve not been able to start and that put me on the back foot.  Anyway, I got myself motivated and am back on track doing what I enjoy!

I thought given my struggle this month on that front, I would let you know what worked for me and my top tips!

Fill your house full of daffodils! They are my favourite flowers and are now in most supermarkets for about £1 a bunch.  The house always looks so bare when you take the Christmas tree and decorations down and I always think daffodils just make the house smile again and reminds me that spring is on the way!

Make a plan – it doesn’t need to be anything huge! I decided to sit down and just plan my newsletter topics, get up to date with my accounts, order some more gift vouchers and make a list of other things I needed to do and by when. It feels great when you can tick things off the list.

Get in touch with friends and put some catch up dates in the diary. It might be for coffee, brunch, cinema, video call or something more exciting….but whatever it is just get it in the diary.

Get some fresh air! I hate being couped up indoors too much and love getting out in the fresh air for a walk or even better……a swim in the lake….which I can do at the moment as my head is out the water as it’s so chilly in there.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’ve been feeling a bit demotivated, but do set a time to sit and plan things to look forward to and have a plan to move forward. 

It really does help!